SoundChip and Long Prosper unveil Three New Consumer-grade Headphones ‘Built-for-Flight’

APEX EXPO, Singapore, 25 October 2016 – SoundChip SA, a Swiss-based global leader in wearable sound technology, and Long Prosper Enterprise Co., Ltd (Long Prosper), the world’s pre-eminent supplier of airline headphones, have today unveiled their Serenity S1 range of noise cancelling headphones ‘built-for-flight’, as well as ValuePlus – a new, comprehensive, cost-reducing headphone service and repair plan.

Serenity S1 headphones expertly balance beautiful product aesthetics with a durable design capable of meeting the grueling demands of the cabin environment. Three exciting models supporting airline-standard formats have been announced today, including the Serenity S1D, for jack-based noise cancelling; the Serenity S1C, for jack-powered noise cancelling; and the Serenity S1H, for a fully-digital, Panasonic HD Audio-compatible inflight experience.

ValuePlus, meanwhile, represents the two companies’ new, comprehensive headphone service and repair plan, which turns the economics of airline headphone procurement upside-down. By servicing and repairing purchased headphone inventory, ValuePlus delivers significant operating cost savings to the airline customer over the long-term, while protecting the total value of their headphone investment.

Mark Donaldson, Soundchip CEO, said,

“SoundChip and Long Prosper joined forces to reinvent airline headphones from the ground up. The Serenity S1 range achieves just that – providing airlines with affordable access to consumer-grade headphones, built for flight.”

Howard Huang, Vice President of Long Prosper, said,

“Long Prosper is the world’s leading manufacturer of airline headphones. By combining SoundChip’s innovative wearable sound technology with improved product design, premium-grade materials, low-cost assembly and comprehensive repair services, we are well placed to meet our customers’ emerging demands for higher quality, better-sounding headphones at the lowest cost-of-ownership.”

Airline customers wishing to learn more about SoundChip and Long Prosper’s collaboration, including joint initiatives such as the Serenity S1 range and the ValuePlus service and repair plan, should visit Stand #424 at this year’s APEX EXPO or email their inquiries to either: info@soundchip.ch or sales@longprosper.com.