Auto ANC®

A layer of ‘intelligence’ that allows the headphone to autonomously configure its electroacoustic state in accord with changing acoustic environments.

Noise cancelling generally operates in one fixed mode, retaining the same filter settings and performance irrespective of changes in the operator’s ambient sound environment. This means that, for one, noise cancelling is active even in silent environments like public libraries, and secondly that battery life is reduced unnecessarily.

By simply alternating between high performance modes for noisy environments, and battery extending one when in quieter environments, Auto ANC maintains operator comfort whilst maximising battery life.

Furthermore, by applying the same technique for programme audio as for noise, Auto ANC can improve the dynamic range of the headphone by altering performance depending on  use case as well as the ambient sound conditions.

  • 01

    Monitors prevailing sound conditions and automatically selects a suitable level of noise cancelling

  • 02

    Transitions seamlessly between high performance and low noise modes

  • 03

    Additional modes further enhance sound quality and/or listener comfort

  • 04

    Low complexity code base

  • 01

    Improves sound quality and listening comfort

  • 02

    Extends battery life through multiple levels of noise cancelling activation

  • 03

    Easily deployed on low cost and low power microprocessors (MPUs)/microcontrollers (MCUs)