Soundchip integrates complex acoustic functionality in Printed-Circuit-Boards

Soundstrate technology combines acoustic and electrical layers within a Printed Circuit Board substrate to reduce the size and cost of complex audio networks


Genève, Switzerland, 28 November 2011 – Soundchip SA, a Swiss based innovator in audio systems technology and originator of the HD-PA® Reference, today announced the availability of Soundstrate PCB technology.

Soundstrate PCB technology simplifies the design and manufacture of complex audio systems by replacing bulky audio waveguides and cabling with a single structure that is capable of communicating sound and electrical signals between installed components and the outside world.

Soundstrate PCB technology integrates audio components, waveguides, electronics and acousto-mechanical filters within a single, self-contained substrate structure, which may be customized to suit each application.

Soundstrate PCB technology can be developed using standard printed-circuit-board methods, but where standard PCBs incorporate an electrical circuit on each layer, Soundstrate PCB technology also incorporates acoustic layers, which may comprise waveguides, acoustic filters and active components. Communication between layers is achieved by placing acoustic as well as electrical vias in the circuit.

Design of acoustic layers within the Soundstrate PCB requires proprietary design tools whilst fabrication demands a modified manufacturing process capable of forming the acoustic channels within the PCB’s structure. The cost of these additional steps is kept low through the use of standard, highly automated processes within the production flow.

Mark Donaldson, Soundchip’s CEO, said, “Soundstrate PCB technology represents an exciting new approach to audio system design providing an innovative means of deploying complex audio circuits within compact geometries while at the same time reducing part count and cost.”