Sonion appointed as HD-PA Partner for Balanced Armature Receivers

Sonion to Supply Best-in-Class Receiver Technology for use in Soundchip Open-Ear and Noise-Free HD-PA In-Ear-Monitor (IEM) Platforms

Las Vegas, USA, 9 January 2012 – Soundchip SA, a Swiss based innovator in audio systems technology and originator of the HD-PA® Reference, today announced that Sonion A/S, a global leader in micro-acoustic and micromechanical technologies and solutions, has been appointed an HD-PA Partner and will supply HD-PA certified Balanced Armature receivers for use with Soundchip HD-PA compliant In-Ear Monitor platforms.

“HD-PA is an exciting new concept which aims to significantly improve sound quality, and we are excited to be working with Soundchip in this area. By collaborating with Soundchip and other HD-PA Partners we aim to provide customers with access to an exciting range of HD-PA compliant receivers.”, said Jesper Lilledal, VP Product Management at Sonion.

Mark Donaldson, Soundchip’s CEO, said, “Soundchip has a wealth of experience in the design of high-performance personal audio systems. Soundchip HD-PA platforms offer enthralling sound performance, exceptional voice clarity, sensational open-ear listening and unmatched resilience to noise and environmental factors. Partnering with Sonion represents a logical step in strengthening the HD-PA programme, providing customers with access to the very best in Balanced Armature technology for a new generation of accessories based on electronically regulated acoustics.”

Soundchip is presenting several new HD-PA concepts in association with STMicroelectronics at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, 10-13 January 2012.