Headphone testing

Improve the accuracy and repeatability of noise cancelling measurements by utilising our comprehensive headphone testing services.

We make extensive use of internally-developed, bespoke test hardware, software and measurement apparatus to deliver test results for feedback, feed-forward, and hybrid noise cancelling headphones that well exceed the accuracy and repeatability of conventional, off-the-shelf methods.

Significant variation in noise cancelling headphone performance measurements is possible when undertaken in different laboratories with different excitation fields. Such variation, especially in the case of hybrid models, is a continued cause of frustration for product managers, acoustic engineers, and product marketers alike, potentially influencing how a headphone is received at both critical and consumer levels.

Our extensive research and empirical study of this exact area has led to the creation of new apparatus and methods which significantly improve the accuracy and repeatability of noise cancelling headphone performance testing, providing an invaluable resource for our customers to access that reduces the likelihood of discrepancies leading to poor product outcomes and reviews.