Device enablement

Our wealth of knowledge and experience in the fields of electronics, acoustics and signal processing, combined with our extensive portfolio of patented IP, equip us perfectly to support the enablement of class-leading active noise cancelling, situational awareness and other highly-innovative smart audio features in our device partners’ next-generation audio devices.

Device enablement services provide our partners with access to a specialist engineering team that is second-to-none in terms of its system-level understanding of ANC and related technologies. Accessing this resource guarantees for our partners the successful delivery of high-performance outcomes on development programs that are complex, long and can often run into the millions of dollars of investment.

Device partners may also choose to leverage SoundChip IP to enable their silicon with a compelling ANC capability. The performance, versatility, and power advantage of our patented Soundcore and Soundflex electronic platforms, for example, have already been proven in use across millions of headphones, and this advantage can often be extended further when combined with our partners’ audio IP, or our proprietary audio software.