Sambon Precision & Electronics Co. Ltd licenses Soundchip HD-PA technology for new noise cancelling headphones

Lausanne, Switzerland, 3 February 2014, Soundchip SA, a Swiss based innovator in audio-systems technology and originator of the High-Definition-Personal-Audio™ (HD-PA®) Reference, announced today that Sambon Precision & Electronics Co. Ltd (Sambon), a Seoul-based original-design-manufacturer (ODM), has licensed access to Soundchip-developed HD-PA-compliant components, including STANC0 and MP34AB01H microphones, and Soundstation development and manufacturing tools, to stream-line the design and production of high performance noise cancelling headphones.

Mark Donaldson, Soundchip CEO, said, “We are thrilled that Sambon has chosen to license Soundchip solutions and become an HD-PA Partner, and look forward to supporting them develop and manufacture products that deliver an enhanced wearable sound experience.”

For further information, contact info@soundchip.ch.