Soundchip supplies consumer and aviation markets with world’s only zero-latency, digitally programmable noise cancellation headset driver

Revolutionary solutions for active noise cancelling headsets, incorporating highly integrated, zero latency processing with digital programmability.

Los Angeles, 17 September, 2013, Soundchip SA, a Swiss based innovator in audio-systems technology and originator of the High-Definition-Personal-Audio™ (HD-PA®) Reference announced today that its revolutionary HD-PA-compliant audio engines, including STANC0 and STANC1, are being successfully integrated by customers into advanced consumer audio and commercial aviation headphones, to be launched later this year.

STANC0 and STANC1 are the industry’s only headset drivers that combine digitally programmable hybrid active noise cancelling, audio equalisation and binaural monitoring, to enable new, smart features whilst also reducing part count, quiescent noise floor and power consumption.

STANC0 and STANC1 incorporate a patented, low noise electronic architecture which supports an infinite range of noise cancelling and audio equalisation configurations, delivering noise-free audio with unmatched fidelity.

Over the last year, we have been working with a number of premium headphone brands, enabling their products with outstanding hybrid ANC performance coupled with High Definition sound quality”, said Mark Donaldson, Soundchip CEO.

“Our HD-PA-compliant components can easily replace discrete and partially integrated noise cancellation electronics with a single, active component that delivers exceptional noise cancelling, innovative software controlled features, and above all, serious sound performance.”, says Donaldson.

STANC0 and STANC1 devices also include the means to digitally programme an integrated audio EQ, which supports the implementation of custom filters to boost bass or to customise the shape of a headset’s audio response.

STANC0 and STANC1s’ electronics are highly integrated and digitally programmable. Both devices support the control of audio functions and settings via a simple I2C connection, enabling the implementation of digitally controlled multi-mode ANC, auto-ANC and stereo open-ear.

At the same time, STANC0 and STANC1’s analog audio core requires less power than other analog and digital solutions and operates over a wider range of voltage inputs, compatible with both 1.5V battery and 3.0V host supplies.

STANC0 and STANC1 devices are supported by market-leading Soundstation design tools. These tools enable the rapid, point-and-click development of control law and audio equalisation filters and enable real-time subjective performance feedback, which provides the means to tune an ANC headphone’s performance faster than ever before.

“STANC0 and STANC1 devices represent a step change in the capabilities of headset drivers, supporting digitally programmable hybrid active noise cancellation with a raft of exciting new audio features. We look forward to supporting our customers introduce new products to market in the coming few months which demonstrate a future of High Definition Personal Audio.” says Donaldson.

STANC0 and STANC1 are manufactured by STMicroelectronics N/V, an HD-PA Partner. Further information on STANC0 and STANC1 HD-PA-compliant audio engines, as well as Soundstation design and manufacturing tools can be obtained on request by contacting info@soundchip.ch.