Dexin Corporation licenses Soundchip HD-PA technology for new noise cancelling headphones

Lausanne, Switzerland, 24 February 2014, Soundchip SA, a Swiss based innovator in audio-systems technology and originator of the High-Definition-Personal-Audio™ (HD-PA®) Reference, announced today that Dexin Corporation (Dexin), a Taiwan-based original-design-manufacturer (ODM), has licensed access to Soundchip-developed HD-PA-compliant components, including STANC0 and MP34AB01H microphones, and Soundstation Production, to stream-line the manufacture of high performance noise cancelling headphones.

Mark Donaldson, Soundchip CEO, said, “We are thrilled that Dexin has chosen to license Soundchip technologies and become an HD-PA partner. We look forward to supporting their manufacture of headphones that offer superior sound performance and an enhanced wearable sound experience.”

For further information, please contact info@soundchip.ch.