Toong In becomes Licensed Manufacturer of SoundChip-enabled Noise Cancelling Headphones

Switzerland, 22 November 2016 – SoundChip SA, a Swiss-based innovator in wearable sound technology and originator of the High-Definition-Personal-Audio™ (HD-PA®) Reference, announced today that Toong In Electronic Corp. of Taiwan has become a licensed manufacturer of noise cancelling headphones that incorporate SoundChip-developed HD-PA-compliant components and will deploy SoundChip’s powerful Soundstation Production test solutions to enable their reliable mass production.

Mark Donaldson, SoundChip CEO, said, “Toong In is a well respected premium manufacturer of consumer headphones, producing high quality headphones for several leading brands. We look forward to supporting their production of new noise cancelling models which demonstrate compelling audio and noise cancelling performance.”

For further information, contact info@soundchip.ch.