Tymphany becomes Licensed Developer of SoundChip-enabled ANC Headphones

Switzerland, 13 March 2018 – SoundChip SA, a Swiss-based global leader in system-level audio solutions for active noise cancellation, announced today that Tymphany HK Limited has become a licensed developer of active noise cancelling headphones that incorporate SoundChip-developed HD-PA-compliant components.

Mark Donaldson, SoundChip CEO, said, “Tymphany is a world-class manufacturer of consumer audio products. They have pulled together a talented group of engineers on the headphone-side that from our experience is operating at a cut-above the rest. We are excited to be supporting their development of new ANC models, whether enabled by our class-leading low-power, zero-latency ANC devices or other, third-party solutions.”

For further information, please contact info@soundchip.ch.