Soundstation Mission Control™

An online repository for all test results and measurement data obtained by Soundstation Production, and as such, an invaluable tool for broader big data meta-statistics comparing production batches to identity problems or inefficiencies.

A lack of traceability is a problem encountered time and time again in the world of mass production, and the simple inability to record and store throughput data and key line metrics is the main cause. This makes problem solving inefficient, and identification of common sources of variation extremely challenging.

With Mission Control, test results and failure modes can be collated into highly detailed reports for engineers, brand owners and line managers, ultimately allowing for production-related problems to be identified and rectified in record time.

  • 01

    Secure, cloud-based production line and test data repository

  • 02

    Production test data easily accessible via secure web portal

  • 03

    System can generates and distribute custom test reports

  • 01

    Provides access to high quality data; including production volume, rates, yield and issues

  • 02

    Improves visibility and identification of production outcomes, trends and issues, which are easily shared

  • 03

    Enables rapid diagnosis of faults and determination of failure root causes

  • 04

    Accelerates identification of common modes of failure and out-of-spec components

  • 05

    Delivers more stable production overall