Rather than limit headphones to a fixed set of modes, Smartaware provides the wearer with the ability to configure their listening experience. Put simply, Smartaware allows users to independently control how much of the ambient sound conditions they want to hear.

To enable this technology, the headphone must firstly be capable of supporting two essential modes – the ‘open’ and the ‘closed’ ear.

Open-ear concerns ‘transparent listening’, where the headphone wearer is fully immersed in the ambient sound conditions thanks to the enablement of an effective awareness feature. Closed-ear, meanwhile, concerns ‘protected listening’, where the headphone wearer is shut-off from ambient sound thanks to the implementation of active noise cancelling combined with robust passive sound isolation.

The Smartaware algorithm enables the seamless transition between these two modes by intelligently configuring the level at which each of the headphone’s active noise cancelling and awareness features are set. The algorithm exposes a single control, which can be linked to a simple user interface, such as a slider, dial or touch display. By adjusting this control, the wearer is then able to master their listening experience, controlling how much of the ambient sound conditions they hear, in combination with their selected program audio.

Smartaware comprises a low-complexity code base that is easy to deploy on most low-power, low-cost MCUs. It is compatible with SoundChip’s STANCx family of digitally-controlled analog audio engines as well as other, supported third-party devices.

  • 01

    Single parameter control of active noise cancelling and ambient awareness

  • 02

    Fully calibrated solution that is deployed on top of a tuned hybrid noise cancelling headphone

  • 03

    Low-complexity code base compatible with STANCx and other, supported third-party devices

  • 01

    Enables the seamless transition between open and closed-ear listening

  • 02

    Supports a plethora of user interfaces, including touch controls, sliders and dials

  • 03

    Easily deployed on low-cost, low-power MCUs