SoundChip announces Significant Investment in Next Generation Headphones for Commercial Aviation

APEX Exhibition, Anaheim, United States, 15 September 2014 – SoundChip SA, a Swiss-based global leader in wearable sound technology and co-developer of Panasonic HD-AUDIO™, today announced that it is making a significant, multi-million dollar investment in next generation headphones for commercial aviation, and has teamed up with internationally renowned industrial design firm, Designit®, to craft products that combine breakthrough sound performance with world-class design.

Mark Donaldson, Soundchip CEO, said,

“The aim in making this investment is to reinvent airline headphones from the-ground-up, and in doing so, to deliver products that are far more exciting and impressive for our customers and for the travelling public.”

Earlier this year, SoundChip announced an important collaboration with Panasonic Avionics Corporation and the introduction of Panasonic HD-AUDIO, an all-digital in-flight audio solution offering unprecedented sound quality with a remarkable suite of groundbreaking features.

The next generation headphones will be Panasonic HD-AUDIO compatible and will offer high definition audio playback combined with first-in-market Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling, Voice Telephony, Open-ear™, Digital Surround Sound, Hot-Swap™ and Headset Diagnostics via BITE.

The headphones will embrace a sleek, consumer-style look-and-feel, but one that is carefully tailored to meet the unique demands of commercial aviation. They will connect to the in-flight entertainment system via an innovative soft-flex cable with integrated push button control, which terminates in an easy-to-detach USB connector.

The next generation headphones will also offer improved serviceability to encourage repair, which has been shown to reduce cost-of-ownership by upwards of 30%.

“Our strategic goal in commercial aviation is to provide airlines with an ability to offer passengers an in-flight audio experience that is second-to-none. In doing so, we aim to increase the importance of installed in-flight entertainment equipment in improving passenger satisfaction, whilst also creating new opportunities for differentiation in a highly competitive marketplace”, said Donaldson.

Working prototypes of the next generation headphones will be showcased later this year, with production units to be introduced by manufacturing partners at next year’s Aircraft Interiors Exhibition in Hamburg. Pricing is expected to range between USD1.75 and USD16.00 per unit, for models configured for economy and premium cabins respectively.

Customers interested in learning more, as well as in receiving a product demonstration, should register their interest by contacting Soundchip at hdaudio@soundchip.ch.