Swiss-based, yet globally facing, we work closely with our customers and partners, innovating where necessary, to deliver product outcomes that simply delight.

Facilities and expertise

Acoustic Engineering

  • Expert analysis of audio and electroacoustic systems.
  • Performance testing of audio accessories, using both mannequin and specialist testing environments.
  • Characterisation and evaluation of electroacoustic components, including loudspeakers, microphones, and acoustic materials.
  • Design and development of noise cancelling headphones and earphones.
  • Multiphysics finite element modelling of electroacoustic systems, at both component and system levels.

Electronic Engineering

  • Mixed-signal audio electronic system design for wired and wireless noise cancelling headphones.
  • System-level schematic capture and layout of multi-layer High Density Interconnect (HDI) Printed-Circuit-Boards.
  • Failure analysis and fault resolution of internally and externally designed electronics.
  • Firmware development for 8-32 bit microprocessors and microcontrollers (MCUs).

Software + Signal Processing

  • Development of application and driver-level software for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android operating systems.
  • Development of low-latency multi-platform audio processing algorithms for virtual and psychoacoustics applications, noise cancelling and production test.

About Us

  • Who we are

    We are SoundChip, world leading providers of system-level audio solutions that consistently demonstrate excellence in electroacoustic engineering. We work with and support the world’s most successful consumer electronics and passenger entertainment brands, delivering audio quality and sound comfort in equal measure.

  • What we do

    Our expertise stems from decades of academic research in electroacoustics and practical experience in system-level audio. We invest heavily in intellectual property, constantly researching and developing audio solutions and technologies, which we offer our customers to enhance the quality, comfort and capabilities of their products.

  • How we do it

    We operate not as consultants but as solutions providers and collaborators, providing customers with access to a vertically integrated portfolio of technologies, devices and services; and working closely with them throughout their products’ lifecycles – from the concept phase through to development, mass production and beyond.

Markets served

  • Commercial aviation

    Passengers on long haul flights have come to expect a personal entertainment experience in the air that matches that enjoyed on the ground. Drawing upon our extensive experience in consumer electronics, we are able to deliver just that.

    Our solutions for the aircraft cabin bring innovation in media delivery, smart noise cancelling, open-ear talk-through and digital surround sound.

    To simplify customers’ access to our solutions and to ensure their compatibility, we exercise strategic partnerships in this market with Panasonic Avionics Corporation, the leading supplier of inflight entertainment equipment, and Long Prosper Enterprise, the world’s largest manufacturer of airline headphones.

  • Consumer electronics

    We transform conventional stereo headphones into smart, wearable noise cancelling devices.

    Our patented solutions provide the flexibility to dynamically configure the electroacoustics of a headphone, delivering performance improvements and advanced features that are responsive to both use-case and ambient sound conditions.

    Our solutions are smart and capable, offering market-leading audio and noise cancelling performance combined with new, innovative means of control and oversight. They are practical, easily integrated and reliably mass-produced.

Leadership team